Nail Supply Glamour - *NEW PRODUCTS* ODORLESS Acrylic Monomer

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*NEW PRODUCTS* ODORLESS Acrylic Monomer!!! We have 3 sizes, prices will be updated tonight, our ODORLESS liquid does take a longer time to dry, and also leaves a tacky layer over it, wich is

Nail Supply Glamour Odorless Monomer Tacky Layer

Glamour Acrylic Monomer Nail Liquid 8 oz.

PLEASE NOTE IT IS SLOW DRY, ITS MORE FOR PRACTICE OR STATE BOARD TEST. OUR ODORLESS Acrylic Liquid has been Formulated to work with any Powders, of

Odorless Acrylic Monomer 12 oz.

Nail Supply Glamour Odorless Monomer Tacky Layer

Nail supply glamour

Monomer Nail Liquid

Professional TRUE-EMA Liquid Monomer, Advanced GlamourShield acrylic formula, no MMA, Non-Yellowing, Quick Dry, Strongest Adhesion, Acrylic Nail Art Extension Carving (16 Fl. Oz.) : Beauty & Personal Care

Nail Supply Glamour, 🎨How to use Odorless Monomer⁉️😱 Here's a couple tips on one way to use our “Odorless Monomer” ❗️👏🥰 🎥Video b

OUR Glamour GEL POLISH / NAIL LACQUER DUO are high quality, high pigmented, and easy to use. introducing our gel polish and nail lacquer, matching our


Contains: -Essential Monomer 8 oz -Clear Acrylic powder 2 oz -Super White Acrylic Powder 1 oz -Natural Pink Cover 1 oz -Nail Prep (Dehydrator)

Glamour PRO Acrylic Nail Kit

*Nail Prep- Skin contains oils and moisture which prevent proper adhesion. Apply nail prep to the natural nail surface in a 'scrubbing' motion. Prep

Primer and Nail Prep 1/2 fl oz. ea

Nail-Friendly Formula - Create stunning acrylic nail designs with our Low Odor Liquid Monomer! This odorless acrylic monomer contains ethyl

Low Odor Liquid Monomer, Clean & Slow Setting Acrylic Monomer for Salon-Quality Nail Shaping & Acrylic Powder Application, Odorless Nail Monomer with

NEW! CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid Eliminate odors associated with traditional acrylics for a more pleasant salon experience. CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid was specially formulated for an ease of workability. This highly adaptable sculpting liquid is perfect for any experience level. Use CND Liquids with Perfect Color Powders to create instant length & shape with patented technology.

CND - Odorless Sculpting Liquid 4 fl. oz.

OUR GLAMOUR NAIL LIQUID is formulated to work with any brand, best used with our clear acrylic powder. These products combined, make an amazing

Glamour Acrylic Monomer Nail Liquid 32 oz.